今週の漢字: 返事

Do you want to go to the Tokyo Game Show held at Makuhari Messe, a huge convention center just outside of Tokyo?! OF COURSE! Is that the only reason why this week’s kanji is “reply”? No, I’ll explain about it later on.

Last week was awesome. It was loads of fun. Some of you know, but last year, I went to the Tokyo Game Show with two of my friends. More people went this year with me, and I hope there’ll be more next year. MWAHAHAHAHA! Anyway, I’ll try not to let the gamer in me come out in full force, not that I am the most avid gamer out there. I am far from being such a dedicated gamer. I used to be more hardcore, but ever since I went to University of Miami, my gaming habits were not as extreme. I had my short bursts of gaming, but there were months between as breaks. In Japan, my bursts have been fewer and futher apart. Well, I don’t think so anymore. My gaming side has been reinvigorated by all the exciting games and displays that were at the convention. I know not everyone is into games, so for the rest of this blog instead of writing every little detail about the convention, I’ll talk about the games I played or the trailers I watched in a nice list.

Biohazard 5 (a.k.a. Resident Evil 5) – AMAZING! I love horror stuff. Although I haven’t played all of the RE games, I am excited to get my hands on RE5. After playing a demo of the game and watching the trailer, which was incredibly cinematic, I want to get a PlayStation 3. Why not get the Xbox 360 instead? Well, I want to play Final Fantasy Versus XIII when that comes out, which is exclusively for PS3. Another reason is because it would double as a blu-ray player.

Street Fighter IV – Lots of fun! It looks gorgeous and plays well. The SF4 area was well organized. There were four rows that allowed for 4 players. However, you fight against the player opposite you. If you win, you get to play against the next person on line. After five wins, you can get a really nice Street Fighter IV cap. Without a doubt, Capcom impressed me the most this year (Square-Enix takes the cake for last year).

Silent Hill: Homecoming – Creepy! It was very interesting. I haven’t played any of the past Silent Hill games, but I decided just to give it a try. The controls weren’t the most comfortable, but it wasn’t bad either. The part of the game I played didn’t really call for much action. I was running around trying to figure out what to do, while hearing babies crying and seeing lots of dead bodies.

Naruto something something (for the Wii) – I don’t remember the name at all. It was entertaining, but certainly not a game I’d buy. The gameplay is a tad awkward.

Cooking Mama 2 – Entertaining! This is another game I wouldn’t buy, but it’s fun to play for a couple of hours with friends. I just loved the expressions in the game. I can see the game selling very well.

Little Big Planet – Looks nice! I wanted to see what all the hubbub was about in the gaming world. It’s not the game for me, but it’ll sell well for sure. It’s fun to customize your own sackboy.

Dragon Quest IX – WOW! I want it! I want it now! I can’t believe it’s coming out on the DS instead of any of the next gen systems. There wasn’t a demo available, but the trailer was exciting. As a friend says, “Like everyone in Japan has a DS, Square-Enix will make a ton of money.”

After returning from Tokyo, I’ve been playing Zelda for the Wii. I’ve also been playing Dragon Quest IV in Japanese for the DS. As I play, I jot down some kanji that seems rather important in the game and try to learn them. Hence, the kanji I chose for this week. The reason is as simple as that. Next time, I will focus on my time in Tokyo. Stay tuned next week for another update!

En français:
L’année derniere, j’ai regardé beaucoup des videos à Tokyo Game Show. J’ai joué Naruto et Dragon Quest IV. Tokyo Game Show 2007 était plus de passionnant que cette année parce qu’il était mon premier. J’ai ramassé beaucoup des brochures l’année derniere, mais j’ai joué plus cette année.

今週の聖書の詩: “Remind the people to be subject to rulers and authorities, to be obedient, to be ready to do whatever is good, to slander no one, to be peaceable and considerate, and to show true humility toward all men.”
- Titus 3:1-2 (NIV)

今週の写真: Part 1 of Tokyo Game Show 2008

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Anonymous said...

"Last year, I looked at many the videos in Tokyo Game Show. I played Naruto and Dragon Quest IV. Tokyo Game Show 2007 was more the enthralling one than this year because it was my first. I collected many the booklets last year, but I played this year more."

Well it sounds like it was tons of fun. But, why does it skip from Dragon Quest IV to IX...that seems a bit odd to me?